CHI 2021 Workshop on User Experience for Multi-Device Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities


1. Khalid Majrashi, Margaret Hamilton and Alexandra Uitdenbogerd. Cross-Device User Interactive Behavioural Patterns

2. Sarah Prange, Karola Marky and Florian Alt. Usable Authentication in Multi-Device Ecosystems

3. Craig Goodwin and Sandra Woolley. Sideloading behaviours and motivations in multi-device environments

4. Hui-Shyong Yeo, Juyoung Lee, Rohan Hundia, Woontack Woo and Aaron Quigley. WatchIoT: Pointing and Controlling Internet-of-Things Devices in Multi-device Ecosystem using Smartwatch's Side Camera

5. Leshao Zhang, Wanyi Yang, Xingchen Zhou, Yilun Wang and Ru Zhang. SDFMap: A tool for the Measurement of Service-Device Fitness in Multi-device Ecosystems

6. Muhammad Mehran Sunny, Moritz Berghofer and Ilhan Aslan. Towards Tool-Support for Interactive-Machine Learning Applications in the Android Ecosystem

7. Laura Ramos, Elise van den Hoven and Laurie Miller. Home-cooked reminder systems: Design to support home-based prospective memory for older persons, those with memory impairment and their carers

8. Xin Zeng, Xinyi Yang, Tengxiang Zhang, Yukang Yan and Yiqiang Chen. ScreenJump: An AR-facilitated User-centric Interaction System for Fine-grained Resource Manipulation Across Displays


We will have a half-day, online workshop. The date is Sunday May 9 13:00-17:00 JST (UTC+09:00) / 00:00-04:00 EDT / 06:00-10:00 CEST.

Schedule link:

Schedule (UTC + 09:00)Acitivity
13:00-13:05Welcome and introduction to the workshop

Keynote interview (chaired by Aaron Quigley)

Invited guests: Elisabeth André, SHI Yuanchun, Roel Vertegaal


Oral session 1 (chaired by Elisabeth André)

Paper 1-4


Oral session 2 (chaired by JU Ran)

Paper 5-8

16:00-16:30Case study, troubleshooting and idea sharing (chaired by Ilhan Aslan)
16:30-16:55Group discussion (Chaired by ZHANG Leshao)

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