CHI 2021 Workshop on User Experience for Multi-Device Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities

Yuanchun SHI is a Changjiang distinguished professor of the Department of Computer Science and the director of HCI \& Media Integration Institute. She is the dean of Global Innovation eXchange (GIX) Institute of Tsinghua University. Her research interests include pervasive computing, human computer interaction, distributed multimedia processing and e-learning.
Ru ZHANG is a chief research scientist of the Software Technology Planning & Pre-Research department at Huawei Device, Co., Ltd. She is leading the Distributed UX group working on cross-device interaction, human factors engineering and interactive multimedia. She has incubated many successful UX products such as Cast Engine and HiSuite for Huawei smartphone.
Björn Schuller is a full professor of artificial intelligence and the head of GLAM at Imperial College London/UK, full professor and chair of Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing at the University of Augsburg/Germany, co-founding CEO and current CSO of audEERING. His research interests include machine learning, complex systems, audiovisual signal processing, human-computer/robot-interaction, affective computing.
Elisabeth André is a full professor of Computer Science, Chair of Human-Centered Multimedia and Faculty of Applied Informatics of Augsburg University. Her research interests include multimodal user interfaces, multimodal analysis (including physiological data, gaze, speech, gestures), affective computing & social signal processing, social robotics & embodied conversational agents, technology-enhanced learning, tangible and perceptive user interfaces.
Sharon Oviatt is a professor of HCI and Creative Technologies at Monash University. She is the Director of Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Centred A.I group, and currently serves as the President and Chair of the Board of Directors of Incaa Designs, a non-profit with the aim of researching and designing new educational interfaces. Her main areas of research are human-centered, multimodal, mobile and educational interfaces.
Aaron Quigley is a full Professor of Human Computer Interaction and head of school in Computer Science and Engineering in the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. His research interests include discreet computing, global HCI, pervasive and ubiquitous computing and information visualisation. He has previously organised workshops at CHI and AVI on multi-device interaction.
Nicolai Marquardt is an associate professor in Physical Computing at the University College London. At the UCL Interaction Centre he works on projects in the research areas of ubiquitous computing, cross-device interaction, interactive surfaces, sensor-based systems, prototyping toolkits and physical user interfaces. He is co-author of the Sketching User Experiences Workbook (Morgan Kaufmann 2011) and Proxemic Interactions textbook (Morgan & Claypool 2015).
Ilhan Aslan is a research scientist of the European Research Center at Huawei Device, Co., Ltd. He has a background in computer science and artificial intelligence. His postdoctoral research focus is broadly on embodied interaction and enabling human-artifact symbiosis. He turns inspirations from embodied and situated theories of cognition and related frameworks (including Somaesthetics) into the design of multi-modal interfaces.
Ran JU is a research scientist of the Software Technology Planning \& Pre-Research department at Huawei Device, Co., Ltd. He holds a PhD in computer science and his doctoral research is mainly on multimedia. Currently he is focusing on the research of interactive multimedia, e.g. AI based UX design and cross-device visual content (including GUI, image and video) adaptation.